What People Are Saying


Angel and his mom Audrey

Since practicing moments of self care in the classroom my son Angels daily migraines are gone and he no longer has to go to the nurse’s office everyday.

Angel and his mom Audrey

Kate has given me strategies to bring me back to a healthier mindstate

Seventh Grade Teacher
Sarah high school student

The whole college process from tours to applications to auditions to now leaving has been a wild ride. I don’t think I would have made it through as easily as I have without the skills you’ve taught me.

High School Student
Christopher Rogers

This program is making a positive impact on students social emotional wellness while helping them to focus and access the curriculum.

Christopher Rogers
Administrator of Student Interventions

I took away a sense of calm, peace and patience and the sense that it is contagious


Self Care Breathing Breaks help us all to focus and communicate with more calmness and clarity

Business owner
Dr Hoadleys Crew

Kate Forest’s programs have been a wonderful part of the healing process for my patients

Deborah Hoadley, MD
Nicole Santos teacher

Pausing, breathing, and stretching for thirty seconds has the transformative effect of calming my students’ bodies and focusing our minds to help us be more productive, academically moving forward, and kinder to one another.

Nicole Santos, M. Ed.
Early Childhood Education Teacher

Before this self care break I had all this pressure, now it’s all gone and I feel like I can breathe again

9 year old boy
Sue Laing

At the end of the afternoon I felt their positive energy inspired, promoted self -acceptance, which for me, resulted in increased joy.

Karin Berger

I learned how to allow myself to rest.


These trainings support initiatives of social-emotional learning and can affect the entire school climate in a positive way.

Sabra Dickson, Ed.D.
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Caleb Booker

I have found opportunities for meaningful transformation and healing are peppered in hundreds, possibly thousands, of undiscovered moments throughout my day

Caleb Booker
Any Old Task
Margaret Reidy

I have learned a deeper, more meaningful approach to my teachings

Margaret Reidy, M. Ed.
High School Band Director and Fine Arts Chairperson
Teresa and her daughters relax in legs-up-the-wall pose

I am grateful for this unity and tranquility, I felt as if I could stay there forever in this place of rest and closeness with my daughters.


Self Care Moments have helped significantly with social/emotional development and made classroom routines and transitions run smoothly.

Lindsey Ayers
Early Childhood Education Teacher
High school students participate in Self Care Yoga during a PE class

Before I was very judgemental and I have learned to empower myself.  My mind feels way more relaxed and my thoughts don’t feel as though they are constantly racing.

High School Student

Kate’s programs have helped me get through some traumatic times

Nikki Reed

These skills help students deal with difficult situations in and out of school.

Nikki Reed
Elementary Principal

The skills I am learning from Kate Forest support me in being a compassionate, patient, and effective teacher.

Melissa Doe
High School Teacher
Sandra Booker

These skills are so simple yet hugely impactful.

Sandra Booker
Owner, Any Old Task
Nicki Santos

Your love and teachings are changing the world, one woman at a time.


I learned skills to help me pause and reflect.