If we want our staff to be happier and more productive at work, to interact with each other in kind and meaningful ways, and most effectively work together, we must provide skills for them to ease stress, focus their minds, relax their bodies, and soothe difficult emotions.

By teaching short, simple, easy-to-learn, mindfulness-based self care skills called Self Care Moments™, Kate Forest provides a way for staff at all levels to practice kindness to themselves and others. These skills can be seamlessly integrated throughout the workday to strengthen health while enhancing productivity, job satisfaction, and overall fulfillment.

Through in-person professional development, leadership training, staff appreciation events, and online courses, these programs offer a series of skills based on The Five Principles and Eleven Skills of Self Care and Mindful Living  and range in length from ten seconds to ten minutes or longer. Depending on the program you attend, skills include:

  • Self Care Breathing Breaks
  • Self Care Movement Breaks
  • Reflective activities to increase self-awareness
  • Conscious communication and mindful listening
  • Reflective questioning and mindful writing
  • Energizing skills and focusing skills
  • Moments of intentional rest and quiet connection
  • Online Self Care Yoga® classes
  • Simple ways to practice these skills in at work, at home, and all areas of life

After a training, these skills can be immediately implemented. Most programs can be taught in a time frame that suits the needs of your organization. Set up a discovery call with Kate Forest to learn more.

Set up a discovery call with Kate Forest to learn more.