Gather with your colleagues and receive short, simple skills to help you release stress, enhance focus, rest, renew, and practice kindness to yourself and others. Build your health through a series of practices based on The Body, Mind, Breath Connection™ which include Self Care Breathing Breaks, gentle Self Care Movement Breaks, and additional mindfulness practices you can use as you work, learn, lead, and live.

Why Self Care?

The human body and brain function most effectively when given time to move, time to rest, time to pause, and time to breathe. When you create space in your life to care for yourself, even a few moments at a time, you feel less stressed and have more energy, patience, focus, and compassion to share with others. Caring for yourself with these short, simple mindfulness-based self care skills will have positive effects on your social, emotional, and physical health, your organization, and our world. Please give yourself permission to pause, breathe, renew, and connect to the moment.

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