Mindfulness and Self Care in Education

Social Emotional Wellness for You and Your Students

About Self Care Moments

These mindfulness-based self-care skills offer short, simple, and healthy ways for children and adults to navigate the stressful situations and pure overwhelm that is a daily occurrence for many people in our current education system.

With these skills, children and adults become more engaged, build stronger relationships, learn and teach most effectively, and practice greater kindness to themselves, others, and our world.

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Support for Self Care Moments

The skills I am learning from Kate Forest support me in being a compassionate, patient, and effective teacher.

Melissa Doe
High School Teacher

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Christopher Rogers

This program is making a positive impact on students social emotional wellness while helping them to focus and access the curriculum.

Christopher Rogers
Administrator of Student Interventions

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Self Care Moments have helped significantly with social/emotional development and made classroom routines and transitions run smoothly.

Lindsey Ayers
Early Childhood Education Teacher

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Meet Kate

Hi, I’m Kate, a Self Care and Mindful Living Teacher, the Creator of Self Care Yoga®, a Speaker, Trainer, and a World Care Advocate.

Self Care is World Care. When you create space in your busy life to care kindly for yourself – even a few moments at a time – you have greater health, more energy, patience, compassion, courage, and awareness; and that positivity ripples out.

My mission is to bring short, simple mindfulness-based self care skills to schools to empower adults, adolescents, and children to release stress, build focus, and strengthen their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical health.

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After this training with Kate Forest, I am more aware of my emotions. When I feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, I have strategies to bring me back to a healthier mindstate. This helps me to stay calm and to focus on what’s truly important while at home and work. As I teach, it helps me to be a better role model for appropriate ways to handle stress, and teach my students – by example – ways to de-escalate, self-regulate, remain calm, and treat others kindly. Thank you Kate!

Seventh Grade Teacher

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