Why Self Care Moments™

If we want our students, teachers, counselors, administrators, and school staff to interact with each other in kind and meaningful ways, and most effectively learn and teach, we must provide skills for them to ease stress, focus their minds, relax their bodies, and soothe difficult emotions.

These  short, simple, easy-to-learn, mindfulness-based self care skills, provide a way for teachers and students alike to ease stress, build focus, and practice kindness to themselves and others.

These skills can be practiced during everyday activities to strengthen social, emotional, cognitive, and physical health, and can affect the entire school climate in a positive way.​

We must lead by example to create more positive and supportive environments for ourselves, our students, our coworkers, and everyone in the places we
work, play, learn, and live.

Practicing Self Care Moments™

Built upon The Five Principles and Eleven Skills of Self Care and Mindful Living and fundamentally based in The Body, Mind, Breath Connection™, the practices taught range in length from ten seconds to ten minutes or longer and may include a combination of any or all of the practices below depending on the program.

  • Self Care Breathing Breaks
  • Self Care Movement Breaks
  • Reflective activities to increase self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Conscious communication and mindful listening
  • Reflective questioning and mindful writing
  • Moments of intentional rest and quiet connection
  • Group collaboration activities
  • Creative practices including mindful coloring and self care collaging
  • World care and community-building activities
  • Self Care Yoga® and Mindful Living classes
  • Simple ways to bring The Principles and Skills of Self Care and Mindful Living into the classroom, the workplace, home, and all areas of life

Our Self Care Moments™ programs help create an interconnected, supportive, and caring learning atmosphere to support the social and emotional needs of the entire school community, and the self care skills in each program teach us to live in a state of curiosity, with our senses engaged to be more aware of our body, our thoughts, our breathing, our feelings, our actions, and our surroundings.

With this awareness, we build healthy habits of body and mind that enable us to care for ourselves, others, our world, and our many responsibilities more effectively, and with greater fulfillment.

Through practicing mindfulness and self care, we all have greater calmness, focus, emotional balance, physical health, and compassion to share. This positive energy spreads to those around us and creates greater kindness, connection, empathy, and peace in our relationships, our communities, and our world.​