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Self Care Yoga® Class – Release, Reconnect, Receive

Self care is world care, and so it’s time to practice a little self kindness! Join me as I guide you through a 35 minute gentle Self Care Yoga® class that will help you to ease physical tension, soothe your emotions, and rest and renew your mind and body through a simple seated meditation, followed by […]


Self Care Breathing Break

Practice The Breath of Connection with me to in this simple three minute guided relaxation to help release stress, focus your mind, and relax your body. Listen to the Breath of Connection Audio Lesson on SoundCloud


3 Self Care Skills That I Use Daily To Be More Peaceful and Productive

Practice along with me as I share 3 of my favorite Self Care Skills that help me to release stress, build focus, ease physical tension, and practice self-kindness on even my busiest days!


A Seated Self Care Movement Break

This two minute seated Self Care Movement Break can be integrated into your daily routine to help you release stress, build focus, ease physical tension and practice self-kindness during your busy days.


3 Day Self Care Challenge

In this 3 Day Self Care Challenge you will receive short, simple self care skills to integrate into your daily routine to help you release stress, ease physical tension, soothe difficult emotions, and practice self-kindness. 3 days of gentle self care reminder emails will give you the support and inspiration to care kindly for yourself, […]


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