Upcoming Training Opportunity

Mindfulness and Self Care Moments™
Social Emotional Wellness for You and Your Students

The Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative is partnering with us to bring this two-day professional development program to Westfield MA on January 29th and March 19th and it is open to teachers, counselors, and all school staff.

If you would like more information on this upcoming training, including cost and how to register, please submit your contact information below.

Self Care in Schools

Self Care in Schools is a grassroots movement developed by Kate Forest, with the support of Melissa Doe M.Ed. and many other teachers, students, counselors, nurses, administrators, and parents at the PK-University level.

Professional Development

Through in-person professional development, staff appreciation events, and online courses, Self Care Moments™ shares mindfulness-based self care skills that offer short, simple, and healthy ways for children and adults to release stress and anxiety, become more focused and engaged, build stronger relationships, learn and teach most effectively, and build social emotional wellness as they practice greater kindness to themselves, others and our world.

These programs offer a series of skills based on The Five Principles and Eleven Skills of Self Care and Mindful Living that range in length from ten seconds to ten minutes or longer, and depending on the program you attend, include:

  • Self Care Breathing Breaks
  • Self Care Movement Breaks
  • Reflective activities to increase self-awareness
  • Conscious communication and mindful listening
  • Reflective questioning and mindful writing
  • Energizing skills and focusing skills
  • Moments of intentional rest and quiet connection
  • Online Self Care Yoga® classes
  • Simple ways to practice these skills in the classroom, at work, at home, and all areas of life

After a training, these skills can be immediately implemented during morning meetings, transition times, advisories, and existing lessons; as well as in physical education classes, while walking the hallways, in the lunchroom, during conversations, at faculty meetings, in group collaborations, and elsewhere.

Most programs can be taught in a time frame that suits the needs of your school community. Set up a discovery call with Kate Forest to learn more.