Self Care Yoga®

Mindful Movement, Intentional Breathing, and Self Care Skills To Support Yourself, Others, and Our World

About Self Care Yoga®

When you feel stressed, rushed, overscheduled, overstimulated, and overwhelmed from the moment the alarm goes off in the morning until it’s time to go to sleep life can be difficult and exhausting to navigate.

This unique, kind-hearted approach to yoga will bring you a lasting sense of peace and calm that allows you to be more engaged, focused, and productive throughout your day while building strength and balance.

Online learning means that you can practice along with Kate at your convenience with Self Care Yoga® classes ranging in length from twenty minutes to forty minutes…

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Support for Self Care Moments

Dr Hoadleys Crew

Kate Forest’s programs have been a wonderful part of the healing process for my patients

Deborah Hoadley, MD

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High school students participate in Self Care Yoga during a PE class

Before I was very judgemental and I have learned to empower myself.  My mind feels way more relaxed and my thoughts don’t feel as though they are constantly racing.

High School Student

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Meet Kate

Hi, I’m Kate, a Self Care and Mindful Living Teacher, the Creator of Self Care Yoga®, a Speaker, Trainer, and World Care Advocate.

Self Care is World Care and World Care is Self Care. When you create space in your busy life to care kindly for yourself – even a few moments at a time – you have greater health, more energy, patience, compassion, courage, and awareness; and this positivity ripples out.

My mission is to bring my short, simple mindfulness-based self care skills, including Self Care Yoga(R) and meditation to those looking to release stress, build focus, and strengthen their body, mind, heart, and relationships, while helping to bring a greater sense of awareness to the importance of caring kindly for ourselves, others, and our world.

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Sue Laing

Attending a Self-Care Gathering for Women allowed me to continue to learn the practice of Self Care Yoga, while taking away valuable skills that I can use in my own home on a daily basis.  I also felt “at home”, not only with the other women, but with Kate and Melissa as well. At the end of the afternoon I felt their positive energy inspired, promoted self -acceptance, which for me, resulted in increased joy.


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