What is Self Care Yoga®

Self Care Yoga® is a gentle, non-competitive, kind-hearted approach to yoga with a focus on self care and world care.

This unique style of yoga weaves gentle intentional movement and breathing with The Principles and Skills of Self Care and Mindful Living.

Postures of varying degrees of effort and ease help to build strength, confidence, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, relaxation, and supportive thinking skills.

Self care variations are offered to adapt many of the postures to varying levels of fitness and flexibility.

A short, simple mindful living practice is given at the end of each class as a way to practice self care and world care in life.

Self Care Yoga® and Mindful Living Programs can help you to:

  • Ease physical and emotional stress and discomfort
  • Develop clear thinking and focused attention
  • Use self-inquiry to seek balance in your many roles and responsibilities
  • Bring awareness and greater impulse control to your actions, reactions, and social interactions
  • Empower yourself to make healing choices
  • Develop balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and strength
  • Build focus, confidence, resilience, character, compassion, and empathy
  • Listen to your body and honor your needs
  • Practice greater kindness toward yourself and others
  • Take action to bring self care and world care into your daily routine

Practicing Self Care Yoga® with your family, friends, or team members can help to build relationships, reduce the daily effects of job and/or school stress, and help your team to feel engaged, valued, connected to each other, and overall healthier.

Online learning means that you can practice along with Kate at your convenience with Self Care Yoga® classes ranging in length from twenty minutes to forty minute